Information and communication technologies (ICTs)-which include various forms of media, as well as new digital technologies such as computers and the Internet-have been recognized as potentially powerful enabling tools for educational use. When used appropriately, ICTs are expected to expand access to teaching and learning. Recently, the probable impacts of ICTs on adult education have been receiving much attention from educational researchers. Although the targeted areas of adult education may be diverse, such as higher education, teacher education or continuing education, researchers and practitioners have focused on the related issues in such fields, such as facilitating professional development, encouraging life-long learning, designing distance education programs, and other related issues.

However, a successful usage of ICTs is not always a simple thing to achieve, and it needs researchers and practitioners to scrutinize, plan, and implement it with caution. Therefore, this workshop will emphasize a wide spectrum of research or practical topics related to the usage of ICTs in enhancing adult education or continuing learning.